Crazy Shoppers

When it comes to Black Friday many people are usually really excited but what is it that gets some people aggressive about Black and the results that come out after the gate's open up to the public. When it comes to De Anza students many of them go to Black Friday sales because the fact that their students, they could really get all the discounts possible.

"I always go to Black Friday, said Janet Rodriquez, a Nursing Major student at De Anza. "But it's amazing cause sometimes when you go, you get this weird feeling's whether you would come back in one piece."

When Black Friday arrives many big retail stores tend to compete and give the lowest price in that time of the season, some of the major ones are Walmart, Target, Sears and Best Buy.
In past after their gate opened up for the public many people were trampled and even killed due to violent and aggressive shoppers.

"The only time when I went to a Black Friday sale was when Macy's had their brand name purses on sale said Jessica Butcher, a Business major student at De Anza. "It wasn't pretty because woman get aggressive when it come's to brand name purses and I personally elbowed at least five people.

Here in De Anza six out of ten people go Black Friday Shopping and seven out ten are girl's.

In studies it shows that woman are more into Black Friday sales then man are.

"I went to Walmart because they had their flat screens and laptops on sale, said Tanner Olsen, a Dram and Art student here at De Anza. "I don't usually got to sale's but for electronics I am always there no matter what."

Even though Black Friday is a major money making day for some business, it could also result in many damages.

After every Black Friday stores have big mess to clean up, after the customers.

Even though it might be dangerous for many people to go Black Friday shopping, that does not mean they will stop because of their passion for sales.